Owner operator land

  • What
    was done

  • Client

    Owner Operator Land is a big recruiter agency in the transportation industry based in NC, USA. The company finds trucking companies that truck owners can work with. Our task was to design a simple and informative web platform for owner-operators who are looking for a job opportunity.

  • Goals

    Create a strong brand in the transportation industry

    Build up a website to represent company’s services online

    Bring more traffic to the website, make the brand well-known and recognizable

  • Results

    Over the last three years, we have been helping the company to reach their target audience using Social media and Google ads tools as well as developing the Blog page which boosts the organic traffic to the website.

    The whole project starting with branding to the website promotion was done by our team of developers, designers, and SEM specialists.

    We have managed to boost the traffic to the website massively. The conversion rate keeps improving so that every second user ends up contacting the company.

    Thanks to the SEO which was held for the first two years the website is now TOP rated by 23% business keywords which allows the company to compete with the biggest companies in the industries.

Results USA Organic

  • USA visibility
  • 23%
  • Total traffic
  • +480%
  • Conversions growth
    2018 vs 2019
  • +979%
  • Organic traffic
    2019 vs 2020
  • +122%
  • Conversions growth
    2019 vs 2020
  • +213%
  • Organic traffic share:
    2019 vs 2020
  • 46% vs 65%

Results on social media ads

  • Followers
  • 1590
  • Conversions for
    the years 2018-2021
  • 5984

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